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Guide to Choose a Man’s Wedding Band

Guide to Choose a Man’s Wedding Band

Buying a man’s wedding band is not the same as buying his engagement ring.

In fact, it’s a whole different ball game. It may surprise you to know the options available for groom’s rings, especially when it comes to styles and materials.
There’s no reason to fear the unknown. However, trying to determine which ring to choose is a matter of learning the basics of men’s jewelry. Here’s a quick guide to choosing a man’s wedding band.

Choose the Right Men’s Wedding Band Material

Women’s engagement rings and unique mens wedding bands are usually made from traditional metals like platinum or gold. However, men’s wedding bands can be somewhat more adventurous. Some of the enduring options are precious metals like palladium, platinum, and gold. You might also choose contemporary materials like ceramics, cobalt chrome, tungsten, and titanium. These materials are increasingly affordable and popular choices.



Men’s gold wedding bands are commonly found in white, yellow, and rose-colored 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. The more expensive the band, the higher the karat purity, which means that it contains a higher percentage of pure gold.


Platinum wedding rings are the height of luxury. Because of the rarity of the metal, this is the most expensive option. Platinum offers a lustrous white metal, a classic appearance, and solid durability.
Platinum rings have a unique feature. While it’s not stretch-resistant, it will not use the surface volume when it’s scratched, the material is just moved around on the ring’s surface. Be aware that the platinum wedding ring will develop an “antiqued” patina in time.


Palladium is a precious metal that was initially used for a high-quality allow for white gold. Over the last 60-years, palladium has come into its own. This is a member of the platinum group metals (PGMs), palladium shares the gleaming white metal appearance of a significantly lower cost.


This durable, lightweight metal is an excellent choice for men who don’t like wearing jewelry. Titanium is most often seen as a natural gunmetal grey or black color. It’s available in three purity grades: aircraft grade, commercially pure, and extra-hard. Men’s wedding rings are available in all these grades and colors.


Tungsten, like titanium, is commonly seen in the natural industrial gunmetal grey color, but that where the similarities end. Tungsten, or more accurately tungsten carbide, is weighty and extremely hard, scratch resistant metal. It is also available in white and black. It’s important to note that tungsten rings can crack if it is slammed against a “hard enough” surface. So, this metal is not a good choice for a man who works with his hands.

Cobalt Chrome

This metal, an allow of cobalt and chromium, is one of the fastest rising stars in the materials market. Cobalt chrome offers many of the benefits of modern material including a classic white metal appearance that comparable to white gold or platinum. Cobalt chrome is hypoallergenic and durable. Unlike many other contemporary materials, cobalt chrome is resizable.


Most ceramic men’s wedding bands are black and have an alternative look. Don’t let the name ceramic, fool you. Ceramic jewelry is made from titanium carbide. This is incredibly hardy despite its light weight.

Men’s Wedding Band Style

Men’s wedding bands are available in a myriad of styles. However, there are two basic designations when it comes to wedding bands: contemporary and traditional. Each of these two styles offers many designs, so it’s a good idea to determine which styles suit your tastes best. Bear in mind, traditional rings offer a classic look while a contemporary ring is more modern.
To narrow your search, you want to think about the type of finish you prefer for a wedding band. The surface treatment of the ring is the finish. The most common finishes are polished, brushed, and satin. Some of the less frequently seen finishes are swirled, sandblasted, and hammered.

The Fit of a Man’s Wedding Band

A man’s wedding ring is found in two interior fits: comfort and traditional. The tradition is based on the older type of fit, which has a squared off the interior. The comfort fit was most recently developed using the additional material on the interior band for a rounded fit that puts less pressure on the man’s finger. Most men will prefer the fit of a comfort band. However, this type of band is more expensive. The tradition band is generally less expensive because it uses less material.
While there are several options available when it comes to men’s wedding bands. This may make choosing a ring seems like a daunting task. But it doesn’t need to be difficult. All you need to do is take a logical approach to select your wedding band which will greatly help in thinning out the field.
Your first step needs to be setting a budget. Then you will be able to see which materials are available within your price range. Next, you can determine which materials, styles, fits, and finishes you prefer. After you narrow down your choices, you need to let your heart lead you to the perfect wedding band.
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